Frivolous Venice – back in time during the carnival

Centuries ago royals, nobles, and charlatans forgot all rules of decency during the famous and infamous Carnival of Venice, safely hidden behind masks. Still, revellers in richly decorated costumes parade through the streets of the northern Italian city during nearly two weeks of the carnival in February.

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City trip: what to see and to do in Seville

Of course, Barcelona is lovely, but if I go to Spain for a city trip, I prefer to go to Seville (or Sevilla in Spanish); it has a more authentic feeling. Thanks to its southern location, this is the perfect spring and autumn destination. Part 1 of my travel guide about Seville.

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The azulejos of Centro de Portugal

If you’ve ever been in Portugal, you may have noticed the numerous azulejos, the beautiful tiles on Portuguese houses and churches, especially along the coast. But other types of ceramics and porcelain are as popular in Portugal. I went to investigate. My journey starts in Caldas da Rainha.

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City trip London: 8 irresistible hotspots

Lord Kitchener already sang it in the 60s:

London is the place for me
London this lovely city
You can go to France or America,
India, Asia or Australia
But you must come back to London city.

I completely agree with him.

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Turin (Italy) for foodies

Italy is full of great cities. Bad luck for Turin because that city is often not included in the lists of favorites. Is that right? Certainly not. If only because Turin is the birthplace of the Slow Food movement – Food for foodies!

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